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Dear Die-ary

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Monday, December 25th, 2006
3:02 am - annual christmas post...
annual christmas post due any time now...probably going to be within the next night or two...

*sighs*... merry christmas all.

(blasphemer .:. crucify me)

Saturday, October 21st, 2006
11:30 am - '87 F700 4X4 cabxchassis
Well I pulled this truck out from the back, and I had our mechanics look over it. It seems that, opps, it's had about 10 gallons of water in it. Soooo it's locked up tight.... May as well throw that damn engine away. However, a huge stroke of luck came our way. We purchased a f800 toter truck from a friend of ours quite a few years ago, and he said if the transmission ever fucks up he'll replace it up to 3 times. this is the first time and he dropped off the transmission we'll replace it with...... but with an ENGINE still attached to it.

The lucky part of it all... was that it matchs the engine that was locked up in my f700. I think we're gonna yank it out (the bad one) and put the good one in it..and see what happens from there. ^_^ It'll be interesting to see what happens.

...hmm... Yep.

- Tommy

(crucify me)

Thursday, October 19th, 2006
11:55 pm - boy i fucked up
boy i fucked up....

tuesday i got in a wreck...

- tommy

(crucify me)

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
8:22 am
"A little darkness is never enough reason for the dark. "

- Scrawled in a spell book in a fucked up dream last night

(crucify me)

Sunday, July 9th, 2006
1:36 am - hm...
where'd you go? i miss you so, it seems like it's been forever since you've been gone...

i love this song and it's quite apt....

evaluation day was today.....

most everybody passed... some however did not......


happy birthday to me. no longer a teenager.

i guess that means i better shape up.

be good.

- Tommy

(blasphemers .:. crucify me)

Friday, June 23rd, 2006
2:09 pm - saint pete
i was in saint petersburg last night. went to labelle that morning, came back about seven PM...then had to go to saint pete to fix a damn trailer that wasn't even ours.

so we had to back the brakes off (read "disable the brakes") on the trailer. they wouldn't release, so instead of letting them just kill our truck and the brakes we let them just spin freely. yeah, dangerous, but if it's needed then yeah. he made it in alright and all too, so no worries there....

i passed through lake placid on my way down as well as on my way back. nothing to say about the place just couldn't help but think.

hey hey hey, i might be getting a new-er truck now. instead of riding around in my '95 F-series flatbed i'll be riding around in an actual pick-up truck.

in labelle, we looked at a european truck. it's called a praga. it's a tandem axle medium duty truck, all wheel drive. it's got a 110 HP turbo diesel in it. That is rather *tiny* in the gist of things. i mean, you can have a cummins 400 geared to a 13 speed and then have it go 80 miles an hour down the road. but this one is a 4 speed with 2 reverses. I dunno. It won't be in any heavy hauler things or any drag strips... but it'll do whatever job we might have in mind for it. we offered 5,000.

a word on torque. without sufficient torque, you can't pull anything. people confuse speed and torque, as the same thing. speed is the measure of rotations per minute, which can range from anything to ANYTHING. but the amount of torque, it's the amount of force behind the turn. Spirit had before i had gotten it a fifteen speed in it. well, it was really a 10 speed with 5 crawling gears. that was when it mighta been stuck, it could have ramped the torque up and crawled it's way out....see if it had just used speed to try to get out, it would have dug itself deeper. that's why i dunno about that little praga, if it doesn't have enough torque in it then it's not that great a truck. hm... i dunno. might be able to power it up, but has anyone here ever heard of a tarta diesel? doubt it.

well i'm probably going to be doing my first full tire change. from one semi to another complete, and i think it'll be by myself. it'll be fun and hard, a challenge. here's hoping i can get it done in a day though, because that truck is going out that night. hmm... it took about 20 minutes to break down a rear side, replace the inner tire, and then replace the outter tire. considering our compressor and impact, it's just a silly matter. silly silly silly. :p it shouldn't take that long but it'll be a fun day. i think it'll be sunday...which is cutting it veera close. :( hope i can do this yah?

i got a raise. i make 8.00 an hour now. =) joy.

i guess i should get back to what i'm suppose to be doing.

be good.

- Tommy

(crucify me)

Saturday, June 10th, 2006
2:58 pm
dear die-ary,

i learned something kind of interesting on thursday.

we have been trucking for along time. my fathers fathers father did it. but we have been doing eggs longer then that. not sure how far back, but longer then that.

i think i have fallen in love with my brothers kenworth. it's a t-2000 condo. i can stand up in it and be comfortable. it's an automatic. it's impressive.

im not going to sell spirit. to many good memories attached to it... as well as the bad.

that's all for now.

be good

(crucify me)

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
5:39 pm - Things...
Things are things....

I'm going to sell Spirit...To many bad memories.

We bought 6 new trucks. 5 Peterbilts, 1 Kenworth.

I'm alive and well, to end the rumor i'm DEAD.

Females are very difficult.

I'm turning 20 soon. Good memories, bad memories.

Our secretary went crazy and is now not with us.

oh yeah. I got a rather scrape on my chest. One of the new trucks had a protruding bolt from the engine. I pulled myself up with a motor mount, and it scraped me pretty bad.

I feel sad....

Be good.

- Tommy

(crucify me)

Monday, April 24th, 2006
8:49 pm - ....
well it seems I must change this to a private journal. You all can thank my brother.


Sorry all you silent readers, post a comment and I'll add you.

current mood: angry

(blasphemers .:. crucify me)

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
11:56 pm - my fleet
Dear Die-ary,

I have been, silently, building a fleet of trucks and equipment over the past year and a half. All of the good equipment has been claimed by my brother, Vanessa, even Danny our foremen.

No, I don't want any of the 'good' equipment. I want the junk. I want the stuff that no one wants. Because there is plenty of that, and there is also alot of stuff no one really knows why or what it's here for.

I have an intention for everything I claim..... My Peterbilt, (the Spirit for those who are paying attention), a busted to hell and back low-boy with no real frame and no planks, a dump-truck with a 40 foot dump on it (that's been flipped), a 4X4 F700 cabxchassis, a '95 F-series cabxchassis...

I have pulled Spirit from the flames of an auctioneer's words, I said I will make it work and... although it doesn't work right now, it gave us many many realible running miles. It requires a rebuild... 1,500 or so. It's coming back...

The lowboy may be broken right now, but I have claimed it...and I am going to go over it throughly Monday and seeing what's wrong with it. It will get repaired and it WILL haul again.

The dumptruck...that'll take money. About 5,000..if the cylinder isn't bent to badly, maybe less. I'm taking it for a spin on Tuesday, maybe. Hope I don't flip... 6^_^;;; It will move, dump, haul, and be as strong as it always had been again.

The 4x4 F700...Not sure what to make of it, the differentials and the drive shafts have been disconnected...not really done a very through inspection on it. That will probably be part of my equipment moving fleet; but that's not really a good use of the four wheeled drive. I'll have to do some thinking on that, but it will have *something* different on it. Something only I, maybe a few others, could provide. Perhaps i'll turn it into an actual wrecker. Whatever it is, it will do what I want it to. And it WILL move again, it sits with 26,340 miles (original miles) on it. That is to young a truck to rest in our bone yard. It will move again.

The '95 cabxchassis is being converted into a flatbed monday, so I will have my general equipment hauler ready for use. I beleive this one will be my personal truck for now... Until I can manage new transportation or find a more suitable truck for me.

And...Finally... I have found my Brutis. I have wanted a truck to this one's specifications since I was a young child. Like... when I was 7 I was wanting this truck. It may not be the AM General that I originally intended on...but it is damn close. A late 80's model... GMC 7000. Not sure the motor.. I'll find that out when it arrives on monday back to our shop. It's a twin screw (that means both the back axles move and engage), it's a 4 or 5 speed, and... it's got the equivalent of four wheeled drive. Or... 10 wheel drive. How bad ass is that? All 10 tires will pull when it needs too. It's got a silly tank on the back of it right this second...

In the future... I will have my Brutis with super single high floatation tires... so it will be a 6X6...as well as a service body we have in our shop and a knuckle boom behind it, (it's the equivilent of a crain.) =D

The fleet in my mind is forming. It still needs a few peices..but... =D I can't beleive how well things are working out for it.

It seems all I get is what the people ahead of me don't want. That's fine with me....

I have a gift of my dad's. He along with my uncle have it. My cousin and my brother do not possess it.... that is the ability to see something and visilize what it can be, what it will be. Able to see things, and act on them to make them what your minds eye see's...

All I need now... well... everyone'll just have to see won't they?... My fleet is forming up very nicely. I can't wait until I find the other things I need.... ^_^ I'll be sure to keep everyone posted,.

(crucify me)

Friday, April 21st, 2006
10:27 pm
well i went to preview my auction today.

there are a few things i want, the peterbilts werent there... i hope they are there tomorrow... my dad wants a back-hoe for some unknown reason, and i want the semi's lol

they do have some macks that are nice, well they have one mack that is nice.

shame bout this demott thing. demott auctions go way way high. =( it really is a kinda suck-ass auction, but they always got the biggest stuff.

i'll post my pictures.

oh yeah

we get to rip stuff in waverly apart. ^_^

post more soon.

(crucify me)

Monday, April 17th, 2006
11:26 pm - oh..
... my dog got hit by a jeep today.

he's up at the vets right now.

possible broken leg.


be good....

- Tommy

current mood: sad

(blasphemers .:. crucify me)

11:25 pm - numbers
numbers, has anyone really thought about them before? Like really really thought about them.

They control your everything. you need them for money, you need them for life.

i don't like sometimes what i think about some things.

but from what i do know... and what i dont like...
numbers are one of them....

... 11 <3 X


be good ya'll.

(blasphemers .:. crucify me)

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
12:49 pm
ya know.

it sucks. it really sucks.

refer to private post for backup.

(blasphemers .:. crucify me)

Friday, March 24th, 2006
10:43 pm
..i feel bad.

(blasphemers .:. crucify me)

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
7:38 pm - truck
i think im going to build myself a truck.

there is an F800 out in our bone yard that we never really used. we had no use for it at the time, but i think i can find use of it now. it's 4x4, but the cab is shit (it was used on the beach so the cab is hell.) it has a pretty bad ass motor, a 8.3 litre detroit diesel. now before ya'll all say you're a hypocrite i must confess, i dislike only their semi equivalents, they are damn fine small motors. and in tractors (such as the mrs's) they work great, because they are suppose to be revved high. now i dunno how well the cab is, i dunno how well the engine works, i dunno if the transmission is any damn good (but it is an allison) but i think i'm gonna start with the 4x4 suspension if all else is shit. we got enough f800's from fun fuck ups in the past (alot of spreaders, but also alot of random semi's i can steal from.)

now some basics about it... its white, like almost all of our f800s. well, most of them are white or red without fail. except our newest blue one...but yeah anyway :p

i think it's a cab and chassis, or maybe a flat bed. i hope it's a flatbed that way i won't have to modify it to much. but if it does end up being a cab and chassis... well, then i can do alot more to do then turn it into a flat bed. there is an old K6500 with a hydaulic kit in it...i might go down there and see if it works, and if it does, then i'm gonna make a dump truck. or a flatbed that lifts ;)

but there is alot of possiblities with all of our shit around here. alot of things could be done, i may continue to hunt up things for a wrecker (because we got alot of shit that gets fucked up around here) or i might just put a spreader body on it (this is a 0.004% chance.) hmm... it could be converted into a toter truck but that's pointless, we already have one. we also have a dump truck but that's a moot point because it's propane and not diesel. we do have a reefer body to fit it, but it's um...fucked up. it'll need some serious work to it as well.

i dunno. i need to go down there and see what i have to work with. that's tomorrows project.

i'll report then, and maybe later on tonight if my mood continues to fall like i presume it is.....



........ i'm not happy

be good.

- Tommy

(blasphemers .:. crucify me)

12:21 am - two come apart
Dear Die-ary,

when someone is said to have hope because they need a break, it normally means one of two things. they are getting there break, or they are going to go invest elsewhere.

my good friend was recently in that situation, and i offered to console her girlfriend. i realized that in the time of flux between being together and not being together, the emotional hold builds. The emotions behind wanting to hold onto something is strenghtened, and when released from the slumber this beast of emotions does one of two things, depending on the actions of the other:

1) The person who was put on hold and into flux is going to have an overwhelmingly high 'love' for the person who redeemed them. it may not be love, just the emotional state that was built up by the waiting for a decision. They will both experience things as new, and continue to go on and then more then likely head back into problems.

2) The person who was put on hold and into flux is going to have a rather hard time trying to understand why the person is so cruel. Why they had the person holding onto nothingness and trying to legitify them holding on like it was something noble. or something sought after.

now i'm not being anything but open about it, it is a little noble to hold a torch for someone. i hold a few for a few of my recent and not so recent ex's. but slowly i always give up the ghost only to let the ghost come back and haunt me (namely chelsea=read private post for backup.)

i am a pack rat. but the thing about me is, whenever i throw something away it's brought up in need within the next few days. that's life though, right?

but things are a little different in that respect with me as well. whenever i purchase something it comes into play within a few days as well. i bought a portable hydraulic set pusher, in two days it's needed because someone overshot the fifth wheel (the thing on the back of semi's) and got the pin stuck in front of it. my pusher pushed the trailer up and made the 100 bucks i spent on it back in saved time with the labor.

the point of those two stories is to say i have a hard time letting go of things. my sister says that my dad collects people. i think he does too...but i think i am starting my collect too. people that can perform and handle things differently then needed. i'm not saying i'm collecting people to use for my benefit, but to have someone there when you need them (and having someone here when you need them) is always an asset.

i have alot more thoughts on these things but I have gone from a friend to me and i didnt intend to. i got the pictures of the fucked up dodge if anyone wants to see them.....

hell i'll post them now

Be good.

- Tommy

here is the pictures of my crashCollapse )

(blasphemers .:. crucify me)

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
7:09 pm
well i was in tampa last night.

if my friend who live in tampa (ya'll know who you are) if you ever see a 1992 F800 that is a flat bed and blue, and its at night (or in the afternoon), wave. chances are it's me and vanessa or jesse and me or jesse and carlton.

i drove to happy egg last night, and picked up 10,000 dollars of hillandale racks. :p god mr. phillips hates us... :D

well it was fun going over there in something other then my truck. makin those runs to mr. phillip get old after awhile, but in an F800? hell yeah. my first time with air brakes too.

it was kinda...nervous-ness inducing about the ride home with all them damn racks, buuut...nothin i can't handle....

i got pulled over :D no tickets or nothin but yeah. it's all good.

oh yeah, my crash. i'll be posting those pictures later on tonight, the damage that was incurred to us and them. mostly them though. totalled there truck.


be good.

- Tommy

(crucify me)

Monday, March 20th, 2006
4:26 pm - well

i got in a crash last night...

my truck wasn't hurt in the slightest, nor the trailer i was pulling...

but there truck? it's fuckin totalled. i'll be posting pictures of it later.

oh yeah... "Ethics, Intergrity and Sacrifice in the Workplace" is brilliant. :) it's also otherwise known as "The art of Demotivation."

Yep. I'll be posting pictures later.

Be good.

- Tommy

current mood: grateful

(crucify me)

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
11:22 pm
i bought world of warcraft. my computer can't handle it.
so my solution? buy a new computer.

got my cousin guitar hero today, for his birthday tomorrow. hope he likes it.

other news:

ekg was today.

bloodwork in the morning.

both results after sleep study follow up.

not sure when it is (the follow up) but the sleep study next thursday.

i've noticed something as of the past two days. i get winded alot easier then i used to. well not winded. my heart beats a mile a minute but im not out of breathe. it's been that way since i started adjusting my medications.

all i can say is... hope nothing happens in the mean time.

be good.

- Tommy

(blasphemers .:. crucify me)

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